San Francisco Fern Society
A society for the appreciation, cultivation, study, and conservation of ferns.
We meet quarterly. All meetings are free and open to the public.


Our Next Meeting:

Date: TBD

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VERY LATEST: We finally got both slideshows from the 2023 meetings -- Tom Mudge's presentation about Ferns of New Zealand from the May meeting and Dan Yansura's presentation about the Polypodiaceae Fern Family from the November meeting -- posted to the presentation archive page.

EVEN NEWER: KQED Deep Look with production/research assistance from the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley (and one of our officers!) created this delightful short (3:44) video about fern reproduction:

NEWER: Wendy Born's slideshow on spore propagation at the February 2024 meeting has been posted to the presentation archive page. (Posted February 29, 2024)

NEW: Alex Adams provided a link to the short video (37 seconds) he talked about at the May 2022 meeting. From Alex: "It is of my Lecanopteris mirabilis doing what ant ferns do, providing a home for an ant colony. The video recorded me telling my wife that they are attacking my hand and my phone and that I was turning it off. They really do provide a good defense for the plant!"

Slideshows from past meetings have been moved to their own page because this page was looking way too cluttered.

Two pages are under construction: a fern photos page and a links page.

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